Time & Expense 1.9

Added by Suganya Thulasiraman over 8 years ago

We are happy to announce the release of Time & Expense plugin version 1.9
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- Permission changes
- When a Manager edits a Member T&E, his permission will be checked rather than the member's permission
- TE Admin users is introduced, they need not be a member of a Project to View T&E
- A person who has never submitted any T&E (Empty T&E) can be viewed in the list page
- Sorting of timesheet rows.
- Allow entering time in different format(1.5, 1h, 1 h, 1 hour, 2 hours, 30m, 30min, 1h30, 1h30m, 1:30).
- A new non empty icon is introduced for empty detail time entry popup.
- Comment box size is increased.
- Name is shown for closed or inactive project, issue and activity.

- Error message is shown if issue is blank when "Allow blank issue" is OFF.
- Closed date is considered instead of updated date for closed issues.


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Replies (2)

RE: Time & Expense 1.9 - Added by Chi Song Tao over 8 years ago

will it support redmine 2.6?

RE: Time & Expense 1.9 - Added by Suganya Thulasiraman over 8 years ago

No, Time & Expense 1.9 is compatible only with Redmine 3.0.x.
The closest you could try is 1.7 which is compatible with Redmine 2.5.2.