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10:35 Redmine Help: assigned_to_id query render so slow
My redmine renders Issues assigned to me (My Page --> Issues assigned to me).
It renders too too too slow...
Can a...
Chi Song Tao
06:23 Redmine Defect #16395: Subproject filter is not saved in query if "For all project" is checked
I want to add a custom query for every project to list issues with subprojects'. How can I edit the query? Chi Song Tao
05:17 Redmine Feature #9909: Search in project and its subprojects by default
I need this function, too.
Can the default search be configurable for each project?
Chi Song Tao


14:22 Redmine Plugins: RE: Time & Expense 1.9
will it support redmine 2.6?
Chi Song Tao
13:56 Redmine Feature #11652: configurable issue tracker default
can i set default tracker for a project even for a role in a project?
Chi Song Tao

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