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Added by Louis Lu over 6 years ago


Is there a plugin for 2-way Jira integration?

What I mean 2-way integration:
I can create a ticket (eg a bug/support contact etc) from redmine in Jira.

If I update (eg, adding a comment or changing the status etc) that ticket in Jira, redmine will get automatically updated with the changes.
If I update in redmine, Jira will get automatically updated.

Is this possible to be done in redmine? Do you have an already built Plug-in for this functionality?



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RE: Jira Integration Plugin - Added by Petr Pospisil over 6 years ago

Hello there are some zaps on Zapier.com for Redmine-Jira integration:

Have a look here: https://zapier.com/zapbook/redmine/

Zapier is paid service which integrates software together.

Sincerely, Ondrej