Plugin to flash notice to user from script

Added by Dorice Nyamy over 2 years ago


As my redmine users perform actions, there are jenkins jobs running behind, and I would sometimes like to notify a user of a job result, lets say by flashing a notice on the screen.

Is there a plugin that can help me acheive this ? A kind of instant message send to a specific user from a script, that redmine will flash to him if he is connected ?

If there is no plugin. Any expert to give a thought on the idea ?


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RE: Plugin to flash notice to user from script - Added by Mayama Takeshi over 2 years ago

It's been a while since the last time I worked with redmine development.
But I have written this plugin that implements an API that permits to send messages via Redmine:

It can be used with this WebExtension:
and then you could popup a message making an HTTP call.

RE: Plugin to flash notice to user from script - Added by Kamil AFACAN 4 months ago

I watched the video but it seems that the admin should always write some commands to warn somebody. Normally Redmine has email notifications automatically. Is there any opportunity or plugin to send these notifications automatically acc to the revisions on the issue?

RE: Plugin to flash notice to user from script - Added by Mayama Takeshi 4 months ago

Actually that was a demonstration of a possible integration with a PBX system that would notify incoming calls and allow users to answer the calls from the browser.

About automatic popup notification of issue changes via browser, yes it would be possible but it would be necessary to prepare a GUI to permit to choose what should be notified (maybe duplicating all options from 'email notification' settings).

Unfortunately I don't have time to work on this and there are other issues:
- firefox never implemented support for buttons in notifications. So it is not possible for example to open the mentioned issue by clicking on a button in the notification window.
- the chrome version of the redmine_rt_webextension was removed from the Google Store because of change of policy. I was going to publish it again but tests showed it will not work anymore (details:

But in case you can code, here is a sample change I did to permit to popup a notification whenever someone adds a note to a ticket:

Other notifications like issue status/assignee/description/etc changes can be done similarly to this.
But as I said, you would be restricted to use firefox and could not have buttons on it till firefox adds support for them (