Automatic task closure

Added by Александр Майстришин 4 months ago

Hello! I apologize for bad English, please tell me, can anyone come across and have experience solving this problem, it is necessary if a task with a certain status is open for a certain number of days to change the status automatically and the author receives a letter about the change of status.
Are there any solutions?

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RE: Automatic task closure - Added by Mayama Takeshi 4 months ago

maybe this functionality already exists in Redmine.
But if not you could use
and write a script that you can set up to be executed periodically.
Here is an example:

Suppose that you have a status named 'hold' and you want to change any issue that is in status 'in progress' that hasn't been updated for more than 30 days to this status. Then you would call it like this:

$ ./ 30 'in progress' hold
Updating #21 (test) status from 'in progress' to 'hold'
Finished (total updated: 1)

The author would be notified by Redmine via email due status change.