Redmine plugin at 'My Page'

Added by raman sharma 3 months ago

I am creating a third part plugin for redmine.
I am able to add the plugin option in top menu.
Now i want to add the plugin at 'My page' under add my page blocks.
This is a drop down and i want to add my plugin in drop down menu options so that it can be added to customized view on my page.
Kindly let me know if there is any option available.
The screen shot is attached and the plugin location is highlighted in red.

redmine.png (115 KB)

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RE: Redmine plugin at 'My Page' - Added by Mischa The Evil 3 months ago

This is actually quite easy. Just place the block view provided by your plugin under the app/views/my/blocks directory of your plugin.

For reference: this functionality was implemented in r2529 for #2840. See also the sample plugin in Redmine's extra directory.