Proper plugin development documentation

Added by Eser Esen over 4 years ago

Hi, i was not able to find a proper documentation on how to implement plugins. Only the simple PluginTutorial page here, but i saw plugin which are changing the content and functionality of the ticket view. I see calls to IssuesHelper.send, self.included, methods render_descendants_tree_with_enhanced_info (which is probably overloading the core one? Where is all this documented?
Is there a reference doc showing all the core functions like IssueHelper or how i use the features on init.rb?

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RE: Proper plugin development documentation - Added by Marcel B about 4 years ago

Docs are really poor.

See these tips about Documentation for plugin development on stackoverflow :

I forgot to mention, to be fair: lib/plugin.rb is an example of a well documented file. Almost all methods have ruby docs. ( )