Redmine Collapse plugin - v.0.2.1 released

Added by Mischa The Evil over 13 years ago

I've just uploaded a new release of the Redmine Collapse plugin. This point-release follows an "internal-only", minor-release (0.2.0) of the plugin which brings compatibility with the Bleeding-edge of Redmine (trunk), a lot of fixes and many improvements.

I've refactored the styling of the sidebar to provide out-of-the-box support for the three core-themes (Default, Alternate and Classic) and the supported, registered community-themes (Basecamp and Squeejee). Also, with some help of Eric Davis, it has been made pretty easy to add support for new themes in the future.

Thanks to some users the following new languages are supported:
  • Czech
  • German
  • Slovak

I've added just only one major new feature in this release. I've named it the "menus" tab. This is a new tab which serves as a placeholder for links to all global (cross-project) views of the Redmine core. I found that the current availability of these links is shattered or even missing at all. Therefore I decided to implement this.
While working on that I took notice of Eric Davis' design of and immediately loved the way he had implemented the project-menu. He moved the project-menu from the horizontal "list" below the header to a vertical list in a sidebar.
Due to the fact that I now had some space left on the new "menus" tab I decided to make it optionally possible to also move the project-menu to the "menus" tab.

If you need help, I'm regularly hanging'around in the #redmine channel on the freenode IRC network. You could also post to the Redmine forums to ask for help or anything else. Though, please do not open issues here at regarding this plugin, since it's an third-party "development" which is not supported by the Redmine project.

Please note: I've ended "distributing" the packages of the plugin by "attaching" them to the plugin's wiki-page. Several reasons exists at the moment (in random order):
  1. I want to know how much users the plugin has...
  2. I don't think that the package is easy to find between all those screenshot-attachments (I want to be able to reference not only the current object's attachments :grr: )
  3. [depending on 1] I don't want to generate high-traffic on for third-party extensions
  4. I'm still in the running of putting back-on my personal (ad-free!) site at which is also planned to be the home of all my "development" output



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RE: Redmine Collapse plugin - v.0.2.1 released - Added by Eric Davis over 13 years ago

Thanks for the mention Mischa. And thank you for the update.