Gantt Chart Improvement

Added by Rafael Maria Raschkowski over 9 years ago

Hello dear people,
during our work with redmine, we realised some points, which would be important for us, to make more professional use of Redmine. I've done a Mindmap to show them:

Mindmap: Gantt and dependencies

REDMINE-to_improve-english.png - Mindmap: Gantt and dependencies (37.7 KB)

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RE: Gantt Chart Improvement - Added by Arndt Faulhaber over 9 years ago

I completely agree, adding Dependencies would make the Gantt-Chart really useful - as a Developer I would be able to see where to start (if modelled correctly in the Tickets).

I'd say as a start it might be enough to check for Ticket A blocks B and interpret this as an End-Begin dependency, for this there would be (in a first step) no need for modifying the datamodel and one could allredy see the dependencies - more advances features may be added later ;)

Cheers, Arndt

RE: Gantt Chart Improvement - Added by Sam Kuper over 9 years ago


Being able to establish the critical path and then to also display it on the Gantt chart would be really helpful for project management!

RE: Gantt Chart Improvement - Added by Pieter Smith about 9 years ago

As it is now, the Gantt chart is nothing more than a bit of eye-candy. The inability to determine the critical path and easily visualize sequence and relations severely limits it use as a planning tool.