Is UI/UX development still active?

Added by Jan Carlo Albano over 6 years ago

Hello I've just recently discovered Redmine and I'm hoping to contribute. So the question is if there is still progress/plans to change the UI/UX and how do I go about pitching for a new feature?

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RE: Is UI/UX development still active? - Added by Bernhard Rohloff over 5 years ago

Hi Jan,

I don't know if there's currently an UI/UX team inside of Redmine's core development. The community manager's seat seems to be vacant, too. ;-) Afaik, the hole development/decision process seems to be centralized around the issue tracker. There's also an IRC channel on freenode, where at least 50 people are online, every day.
I know, some time has passed, since you've started this thread but I think it's never too late to come up with some good ideas. So perhaps, you may pitch your improvements here in the forums or as an issue and we're watching the reactions. The development is still active so there's definitely a chance to participate in the Redmine community.