Inquiry to Ruby experts - Rails guidance

Added by Federico Vergelli over 2 years ago


I would like to make an inquiry. I'm working with Redmine for almost 2 years ago, I've made some scripts with python making use of Redmine's API and other solutions.
The thing is, I've come to a time in which I can no longer escape the need of learning Rails. I need to modify a plugin for Redmine in a particular way, so I think is time.
I'm sorry in advance, if this is offtopic.

What do you guys think is the best course/tutorial to start working with Redmine, besides any Rails course. Is there any youtube video that explains how to create Redmine's plugins from scratch? I know I'm asking for too much but any help would be very appreciated.


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RE: Inquiry to Ruby experts - Rails guidance - Added by Mayama Takeshi over 2 years ago

you could start reading:
Then read the code of some simple plugins.
I am not a working ruby/rails developer either but I was able to do it this way when writing my plugin.