Repair Ruby 2.3.5 with Redmine 2.4.2 (or revive Ruby 1.9.3 despite timezone issue and stay at Redmine 2.4.1)

Added by Peter Herre about 6 years ago

Hi there,

We run a rather old Redmine installation 2.4.1 with plugin redmine_helpdesk and a few other, less important plugins. There was no need to update as we were happy with this version offering ticket management and a wiki.

However, in October 2017, our Redmine version 2.4.1 tried to load a new timezone version which is not available any longer for our presently used Ruby version 1.9.3. For this reason, Redmine stopped working.

The oldest Ruby version supporting the presently used timezones was Ruby 2.3.5 which appears to work with Redmine 2.4.2. However, Redmine 2.4.2 or the installed plugins taken from the Redmine 2.4.1 are not fully compatible with this newer Ruby version. We can login at Redmine and click around, some features are working, but most of them cause errors so that we cannot access any longer our tickets and the wiki.

We are looking for a Redmine developer giving paid support to revive our system. It is not important whether we use correct timezone data. We and our customers only access Redmine from the same static timezone. We may either upgrade to a new version while keeping the existing plugins (at least redmine_helpdesk) or to inplement a small workaround in order to avoid that the missing timezone version will block Redmine. So we could also go back to the old Ruby 1.9.3.

I leave it up to you, we simply need a fix/workaround.

Best regards,