Redmine support in Greece

Added by Nikos Ponirakos over 3 years ago

Hello to all,

On behalf of a client, in Greece, we are looking for an expert, or a very experienced user in order to support the Redmine platform (Maintenance, Updates, Fixes, etc) that my customer run.

Greeks are preferred due to native language.

Please send me private message if you are interested in.

Thanks in advance.

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RE: Redmine support in Greece - Added by James Brown almost 3 years ago

I can most of this besides Japanese, but what about the salary. Ready to develop in the Japanese market
Now I wok for one of ssa office in New York and smth like that I do every day
If you want to speak with me, we can allco faces in this [[]social security office]

RE: Redmine support in Greece - Added by george AussieBoy about 2 years ago

καλημέρα, αν θέλετε στείλτε μου email στο info(at)alo(dot)gr
είμαι προχωρημένος χρήστης, ξέρω να το στήσω από την αρχή, να κάνω backup/restore/update, να βάζω plugins κ.α.
ακόμα δεν φτιάχνω δικά μου plugin αλλά το παλεύω.