Modification To Existing Plugin

Added by Gordon Campbell over 3 years ago


We are looking for a developer to help with a small task to modify one of our plugins (EasyGantt). We would like this work done in English (EN).

In short, when we upgraded from V3 to V4 we lost the text off to the right of the Gantt bars. We have some users who rely on this information and the developer is not willing to add this functionality back in.

Original EasyGantt v1.7 running on Redmine 3.2.0.stable

Easy Gantt V 1.10 Running on Redmine 4.1.1.stable

If you're interested in this work please contact me at gordon.campbell at

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RE: Modification To Existing Plugin - Added by Tom Miller over 3 years ago

I worked with Gordon on this feature, and delivered a plugin that patches EasyGantt's functionality. A separate plugin was created so that EasyGantt could continue to be updated, and this patched in functionality would remain.

Patching/updating existing plugins is one of my primary job responsibilities and I would be happy to assist any other organizations that need a similar effort. This is particularly true of EasyRedmine plugins as my company uses quite a few internally. Please contact me at tbmiller.cs at gmail if need similar services.