Install redmine on cpanel hosting

Added by Andre Men about 1 month ago

Install Redmine on cPanel hosting

I am trying to install Redmine on my cPanel and I can't make it work
Someone knows how to do it?
I just give up, I tried for days, even ask cPanel support, they do not support third party software's.

Any one?

Regards, Andre

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RE: Install redmine on cpanel hosting - Added by Bilal Ashraf about 1 month ago

Hi Andre,

Installing Redmine on Cpanel might be difficult as it requires a lot of Ruby dependencies. You can easily host Redmine on a $12/month server on DigitalOcean or Linode.

We provide fully managed Redmine cloud hosting, have a look at:

Our pricing starts from $150/month but we can give you a customized pricing according to your requirements. Please reach out to us by visiting the below link and mention how many concurrent users will be using Redmine.