Feature #10016

Write email contents to text file instead of using smtp server

Added by Cassiano Monteiro over 10 years ago.

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It would be nice to be able to configure the email notification features to generate text files (in HTML format) instead of sending them via smtp server, so we could handle these files any way we wanted.

In my case, the place I work uses IBM Lotus Notes as a messaging server, and I can't have access to a smtp server (due to IT security restrictions). To work around this problem, I had to program a software to access the latest modifications straight on Redmine Database, and build/send emails using the Notes API. But they are not as good as Redmine´s ones, and I can´t cover all cases where emails should be sent.

If Redmine could generate the email contents in a text file, I could just send everything, so I wouldn´t loose any notification.

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