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Split role permission for "edit ticket"

Added by Hannes Meier about 11 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

Permissions and roles
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since 1.4 its "more obvious" to edit ticket topic, description and more.

This is not that great for us because i cant set role permission for a group to allow ticket editing but NOT editing title and description.
Till now, our "basic users" didnt see the "more"link, so the chance that someone would edit these texts was very small.

problems we got:
  • chance that someone edits it but shouldnt
  • the ok (confirm) button till now was always still on the screen. now on our basic 22" displays the ok buttin is "cut off"....
  • confirming "ok" with pushing "enter" is only possible when you "tab" to the button
possible features that would help:
  • in the admin / config a possibility to choose between the "design" with the more link or the new design with all fields already there
  • split role permission for ticket editing, something like
    • allow edit custom fields
    • allow edit ticket description and topic
    • allow edit "everything else"
  • a hotkey like pressing enter and a focus on the "Ok/confirm" button. so scrolling down to confirm would be made easier.

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Related to Redmine - Feature #3521: Permissions for roles to change fields per tracker/statusClosedJean-Philippe Lang2009-06-22

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Updated by Hannes Meier about 11 years ago

if you want to stay with this (what i can understand for your purposes):

How difficult would it be for a noob like me to disable ( just comment out in the "view") all the lines that are not needed for us?

because there are even more fields we would not need like "target version" and stuff like that
until now we ignored them, but now, if i would do some more "customisations" in "our redmine" i would think about "disableing" this stuff.

it s only because of viewing purposes.

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Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang almost 11 years ago

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See #3521. You can now configure which fields are editable by role/tracker/status.


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