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Support Nesting Menus

Added by Terence Mill about 10 years ago.

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We would like to have redmine main and context menue get more compact, so grouping similar features together in collapsable and expanding menus in a 2 level structure. THis is especially helpful if you use some plugins which make a lot of menu entries.

The chili project ( https://www.chiliproject.org/issues/559 )already suppports that but it is part of the core views, so there no choice any more.
It is preferable to be able to make this part of theming, but at the moment i think it is not possible.

THis would need that redmine needs a "hooking and templating feature" so that core and plugins main and context menu entry rendering can be controlled detailed and flexible.
Following things must be controllable:
  • menu type where entry shall be placed, e.g main menu or context menu
  • ordering (which position does an entry has top down or left right)
  • nesting level (is an entry in 1 or 2 level )
  • menu entry type
    • link entry (map to any url in redmine or else)
    • container entry (level 1 container for "menu entries" on level 2)

Beyond what plugins or core features have a s default menu theme config it shall be possible to tweak that overuling this installation default.

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