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Passing arguments with spaces to allow-override in rdm-mailhandler.rb

Added by carlos lopez over 9 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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I would like to allow override some attributes from e-mails and I was looking at the help at

The thing is that it don't works when the argument has a space.

Author: Carlos Lopez
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I can override all options from an e-mail except the options that has an space. "Assigned to" and "Target version".

I tried this in /etc/aliases:

redmine: "|/opt/redmine/extra/mail_handler/rdm-mailhandler.rb -u -k key -o Author,Status,Priority,Category,Assigned to,Target version" 

As also tried this:

redmine: '|/opt/redmine/extra/mail_handler/rdm-mailhandler.rb -u -k key -o Author,Status,Priority,Category,"Assigned to","Target version"'


redmine: '|/opt/redmine/extra/mail_handler/rdm-mailhandler.rb -u -k key -o Author,Status,Priority,Category,\"Assigned to\",\"Target version\"" 

and this:

redmine: '|/opt/redmine/extra/mail_handler/rdm-mailhandler.rb -u -k key -o Author,Status,Priority,Category,'Assigned to','Target version'" 

There is no way to pass the attributes with spaces.


#1 Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang over 9 years ago

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Attributes given to the -o arguments should be lower-cased with underscores. And please note that fixed_version must be used instead of target_version. Eg:

-o author,status,priority,category,assigned_to,fixed_version

Human names are used in the email body to set the value. I've updated the wiki page.

#2 Updated by carlos lopez over 9 years ago

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I have configured it like you suggest

-o author,status,priority,category,assigned_to,fixed_version

And I send an email like this:

Tracker: Bug
Priority: Urgent
Status: Resolved
Category: Category1
Assigned To: User Name
Target Version: TargetVersion1
Author: User Name

And it only changes the "Status" field. It ignores all the rest of fields.

I tried also to send only one field per email but don't works. Only the status field is accepted.

How can I debug what is wrong?


#3 Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang over 9 years ago

author is not supported. assigned_to and fixed_version are not supported in 0.9.0.
You can set your log level to debug and retry to receive the email to get more details.

#4 Updated by carlos lopez almost 6 years ago

This is working with the last release of redmine (3.2)

I think we can close this.

#5 Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA almost 6 years ago

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Thank you for your feedback.

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