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Custom Field Groups, and User Specific Fields

Added by A W about 10 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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This is just a suggestion but

It would be nice if we could group fields in issues. For example Standard Fields could have the fields Team Lead, and Project Number, User fields could have Root Cause and estimated time, while developer fields could have How to fix, Time required to fix etc.

It would be nice to be able to hide fields such as the developer fields from users such as QA or documentation users.

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#1 Updated by Etienne Massip about 10 years ago

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#2 Updated by @ go2null about 10 years ago

Visibility is covered in Issue #8050 due in 2.1.0

The grouping part I don't know about.

#3 Updated by @ go2null about 10 years ago

My apologies - Hidden is not covered.

#4 Updated by Arkhitech - More, Better, Faster! about 9 years ago

+1 for this. Apart from visibility and hiding, there is a need to 'group' the custom fields.

This can be implemented by simply assigning a category field to the custom fields. Thus when custom fields are rendered, a block is formed based on category, and all custom fields in the category are shown within the block.

#5 Updated by Dipan Mehta almost 9 years ago

+1. This is very useful when there are significant use of Custom-fields.

I think more important than the visibility is that we can have a nice layout on the issue page based on functional grouping (QA/Testing, planning, version control related, root-cause analysis, customer specific etc.) which is not possible right now.

#6 Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA almost 9 years ago

  • Related to Feature #13839: Custom fields presentation - Group custom fields in section / panel added

#7 Updated by Alex Alex almost 8 years ago


#8 Updated by Christopher Caruk over 7 years ago

Perhaps an easy way to do this would be to group by the first word in the custom field name. For example, Flight Date, Flight Reference, Flight Number would all render into a box called Flight:

+-- Flight ---------------+
| Date      [            ]|
| Reference [            ]|
| Number    [            ]|

#9 Updated by Johan Lichtjager about 7 years ago

I agree, this would mean a lot to me it this feature would be implemented. As redmine administrator I really dislike the use of fields called '-------' so my colleagues can group fields in an issue.... so here's a feed kick :-D

#10 Updated by Sander Toonen almost 7 years ago

+1 Any way in which we can group or visually organise the fields would be a major improvement. When you have about a hundred custom fields on a single tracker this is a must have.

#11 Updated by Stephane Evr over 6 years ago

+1 This would also useful to stick some custom fields to a particular column so a given custom field will always be found at the same place hence the issue will be more readable.

#12 Updated by Hide MATSUTANI over 6 years ago

+1 If this feature is implemented, it is possible for me to apply various situations.

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related also to this: #24766

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  • Related to Feature #35281: [Meta] (Issues) Custom (and Standard) Fields Grouping and Positioning added

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