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Relate a Wiki page to a project module.

Added by Leandro Lucarella about 16 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

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It would be very useful if one can define a wiki page for a project module (like one does with Versions).

For example, I'd like to put some information about how to check out the repository in the Repository module, as an introduction above the repository browser. I think this can be useful too for other modules so you can give some introduction about how to operate in that module.

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Updated by Carl Nygard about 16 years ago

How about having a help link in the top right corner of the module page instead? This could be linked to a wiki page, and to make it simple it could follow some naming convention so it's easy to create the help pages in the project wiki (or even be created automatically when a new project is created).

This might be a better solution instead of having some large block of text at the top every time. The info is really only useful in the very beginning.

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Updated by Leandro Lucarella about 16 years ago

I think a help link could be missed easily. And I don't my view of it is not much of a help message, it's more like a MOTD (Message Of The Day), is what I want the users to see first, something with more exposure.

Mayba a wiki page is too much for that and a simple "MOTD" o "Description" could be added to the configuration of the modules.

That said, between the help link and nothing, I prefer the help link =)

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Updated by Leandro Lucarella about 16 years ago

It looks like Redmine's Redmine is using something like this in the New Issue tab, to tell the user how to report bugs, so I think my feature request has proven to be a useful idea =)

Is there any interest on supporting this in a general way?

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Updated by Etienne Massip over 12 years ago

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