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Make all kind of URL a html link

Added by S M over 7 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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It would be very usefull if all sort of URI would parsed as html link.

I think a URI can simply identified by ://

(ftp was mentioned as an already working example)

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Related to Redmine - Feature #7370: Interpret "file://" into issue description Closed 2011-01-19


#1 Updated by Etienne Massip over 7 years ago

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#2 Updated by Rafael B. over 7 years ago

I consider this rather a bug than a feature request. All URIs should be detected appropriately, not just a very small subset. A more complex example would be a message URI that opens the corresponding email message inside an application: message://%3e The worst thing is that parts of the URI get falsely detected as an email address.

The URI is in a valid format, but Redmine doesn’t detect it as expected. I think that for the first step it would be already enough if the user could manually mark not detected URIs (with the quotation mark syntax for example)

#3 Updated by Go MAEDA over 6 years ago

Redmine would not support "file://" for security reasons. (#7370)

#4 Updated by Go MAEDA over 6 years ago

  • Related to Feature #7370: Interpret "file://" into issue description added

#5 Updated by Sebastian Paluch over 6 years ago

It also does not create a link to location shared on local network e.g. \\server\file which would be very helful. We are storing bigger files, reports, etc on shared drives but are not able to create such link.

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