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Plugin hook API

Added by Eric Davis almost 16 years ago. Updated over 15 years ago.

Plugin API
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This patch to adds support for Plugin hooks into Redmine. By providing Plugin hooks, users can create custom plugins to modify Redmine's behavior without modifying the core. This patch includes a new Plugin API method, a few hooks in the Redmine core, a base hook class, and internal methods to manage and call the hooks.

Plugin API - add_hook(hook_name, method)

Registers a method to be called when Redmine runs a hook called hook_name.

# Run puts whenever the issue_show hook is called
add_hook :issue_show, { puts 'Hello' }
# Call the class method +my_method+ passing in all the context
add_hook :issue_show, {|context| MyPlugin.my_method(context)}

Hooks in Redmine core

Potentially anyplace in the Redmine core can have a hook point added. I added a few to some areas I needed:

  • Issue show view
  • Issue edit form
  • Issue bulk edit view
  • Issue bulk edit save (in IssuesController)
  • Issue update view
  • The Project's members page
  • IssueHelper#show_details helper

New hooks can be added by adding a symbol to Redmine::Plugin::Hook::Manger::hooks and adding the call_hook method in the core, passing in any parameters.

# Will call `my_new_hook` with the @project and @issue objects
Redmine::Plugin::Hook::Manager.call_hook(:my_new_hook, {:project => @project, :issue => @issue})

Base Hook Class

A new class is added called Redmine::Plugin::Hook::Base which can be subclassed by plugins to use Rails Helpers with the provided help object.

Internal modules

Two new classes are added: the Redmine::Plugin::Hook::Base mentioned earlier and Redmine::Plugin::Hook:Manager. The Manager class is responsible for tracking what plugins are registered for which hooks and to call those plugins once a call_hook method is run.

The attached file applies cleanly to svn r1694. I'll be maintaining this patch on Github on the plugin-hooks branch and would love feedback and patches against the code.


redmine-hooks-svn-1694.patch (7.22 KB) redmine-hooks-svn-1694.patch Patch to add a Plugin Hook API Eric Davis, 2008-07-24 06:14
redmine-hooks-svn-1709.patch (12.9 KB) redmine-hooks-svn-1709.patch Patch to add a Plugin Hook API with unit tests Eric Davis, 2008-07-29 02:36
hook.rb (1.69 KB) hook.rb Jean-Philippe Lang, 2008-08-05 18:29

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