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Added by Lars F. almost 16 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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It would be very nice to have an important project management feature implemented into redmine:
i'm missing to have an overview about the workload on my project members.

this would be good to avoid overloading of single developers and distribute incoming tickets / tasks among all developers who can take care of this problem.
this might could be mananaged from a few parameters daily working-hours / weekly working hours and a calculation of the sum of all estimated times assigned to the single users.

example: you've got a working time of 40 hours defined. team member A has been assigned tickets in this period of time which have an estimated effort of 80 hours. so the project manager would see that he's got a workload of 200% in this week.

perhaps it would be possible to enable a "warning" if new tickets are beeing assigned to a developer and it's workload is too high so that a new ticket would stress his workload.

i hope it could make clear what i'm thinking about. hope to hear your opinion on this topic!

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Has duplicate Redmine - Feature #2771: Individual people workload statistics.Closed2009-02-18

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Updated by Cassiano Monteiro over 13 years ago


I also need something like this to track the workload on my developers team and redistribute tasks. I tried to find some plugin that would do it, but the closest I found was the Workload Plugin. Unfortunately, it doesn´t work with the latest release (1.1.1), and the developer stopped to support it.

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Updated by Terence Mill over 12 years ago

related to #2771

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Updated by H.G. Bekkers about 11 years ago


This is indeed the nr. 1 reason we haven't implemented Redmine. Looking forward to this feature!

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Updated by Ralph Twele about 11 years ago

We are evaluating Redmine in a few pilot projects and started missing this feature very quickly.

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Updated by Florent MONTHEL almost 11 years ago

+1 for workload management

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+1 very important for resources management

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Any update on this feature ?


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