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16:01 Redmine Feature #1697 (New): Individual LDAP fields
it would be great if more ldap-fields could be defined which are being displayed on a more detailed personal user-pag... Lars F.
15:58 Redmine Feature #1696 (Closed): Calculating project costs
it would be great if a project could be assigned fixed cost values for several trackers / categories / priorities / d... Lars F.
15:54 Redmine Feature #1695 (New): rule to block new tickets until end of a vacation period
it would be nice to have a vacation feature implemented. developers might could set their status on "in vaction from ... Lars F.
15:51 Redmine Feature #1694 (New): eMail reminder on ticket overdue
it would be nice to have an reminder functionality. it could might be configurable per-user so that you can choose ho... Lars F.
15:48 Redmine Feature #1693 (New): Implementing outlook syncronization
it would be very nice to have a kind of outlook syncronization implemented, so that a developer could sync his calend... Lars F.
15:45 Redmine Feature #1692 (New): Enable time-tracking additional fields in reports filters
unfortunately i can't set up filter on my customized fields in the time-tracking module.
this might be a very nice f...
Lars F.
15:44 Redmine Feature #1691 (New): Resources workload
It would be very nice to have an important project management feature implemented into redmine:
i'm missing to have ...
Lars F.

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