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eMail reminder on ticket overdue

Added by Lars F. almost 16 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

Email notifications
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it would be nice to have an reminder functionality. it could might be configurable per-user so that you can choose how many days before a ticket should be solved a reminder email is send to your account.


email_overdue.patch (1.97 KB) email_overdue.patch send "overdue" email when days=0 Scott Cunningham, 2015-03-20 22:00

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Updated by Carl Nygard almost 16 years ago

Please see #1112. It already does what you want.

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Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA about 13 years ago

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Updated by Hans Kaiser over 9 years ago

Carl Nygard wrote:

Please see #1112. It already does what you want.

Carl, I am using the script, but it would be fine if it would be available from the redmine UI directly.
For example, on redmine installation to create a cron, which triggers a cron-dependent rake task in redmine, which itself manages some recurring jobs on the redmine UI.
A very basic "job manager in redmine directly"

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Updated by Scott Cunningham about 9 years ago

Redmine 2.5.2 (probably older versions, too) supported a rake task to send email reminder to users:

rake redmine:send_reminders days=7 RAILS_ENV="production"

You can also select users. See RedmineReminderEmails for more details. Functionality is basic (only tells users xx tasks are due in xx days) and lists the tasks with subjects.

For me, I wanted to send emails to users telling them what tasks are overdue (days = 0). With the patch below (tested in 2.5.2, 2.6.1, 3.0.1), if you call the task with days=0, the subject will change to use "overdue". I modified the mailer code and erb templates and added local labels mail_subject_reminder_overdue and mail_body_reminder_overdue.

Now, when I call rake redmine:send_reminders days=0 RAILS_ENV="production", users get an email, "xx tasks are overdue" and the body is the list of overdue tasks.

Next step would be to have the listed email show how many days late, or maybe allow an email that says overdue and due soon...

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Updated by Scott Cunningham over 8 years ago

MISSING FROM PATCH FILE: You must also define overdue language entries in your locale:
  • mail_subject_reminder_overdue: "%{count} issue(s) are overdue"
  • mail_body_reminder_overdue: "%{count} issue(s) that are assigned to you are overdue:"

PS: Patch file + locale edit still good for Redmine 3.1.1


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