Feature #1112

Send notifications when issues come due

Added by Carl Nygard almost 15 years ago. Updated about 14 years ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:2008-04-25
Priority:NormalDue date:
Assignee:Jean-Philippe Lang% Done:


Category:Email notifications
Target version:0.8


This script is a standalone script meant to be run periodically (i.e. once daily) via crontab. It can be given optional parameters for filtering by projects and/or by tracker, and can look ahead for due dates a configurable number of days (default=3).


Usage: [--help] [--debug] [--project <projectName>] [--tracker <trackerName>] [--days <daysInFuture>]
 --help  show this help
 --debug show extra debug information
 --project   name of project to process
 --tracker   name of tracker for filtering issues
 --days      how many days in the future to whine about

Known issues

For some reason, the script does not grab the config.action_mailer.delivery_method from the ../config/environment.rb properly (all other parameters seem to be ok), so the script checks the value and resets it to :smtp programatically. If someone has a fix, please help.


Originally mentioned on this forum thread.

whinemail.rb Magnifier (3.19 KB) Carl Nygard, 2008-04-25 22:28

redmine-whinemail.patch Magnifier (870 Bytes) Carl Nygard, 2008-04-28 20:06

issue_due.text.html.rhtml Magnifier - email template for html format (175 Bytes) Carl Nygard, 2008-04-30 22:49

issue_due.text.plain.rhtml Magnifier - email template for text format (210 Bytes) Carl Nygard, 2008-04-30 22:49

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#1 Updated by Carl Nygard almost 15 years ago

Forgot to add the patch that supplies the issue_due function required by the whinemail.rb script

#2 Updated by Carl Nygard almost 15 years ago

And the templates that generate the email message

#3 Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang over 14 years ago

It can be usefull indeed.
I've added a similar functionality in r1459, with a few differences:
  • only assignees are notified
  • each user receive a single mail with the list of the issues that are assigned to him and due in the next days
  • the script is written as a rake task

Days, project and tracker options are available.
More info by running:

rake -D redmine:send_reminders

Carl, let me know what think.

#4 Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang about 14 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Closed
  • Resolution set to Fixed

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