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More flexible syntax for accepting emails as comments.

Added by Ewan Makepeace over 15 years ago. Updated about 12 years ago.

Email receiving
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Here RedmineReceivingEmails the process is described to receive emails. Normally emails are assigned as new issues, but by replying to the original email notification it is possible to append as a comment. However the syntax required is given as:

If the email subject contains something like "Re: [xxxxxxx #123]", the email is processed as a reply and a note is added to issue #123. Otherwise, a new issue is created.

I would like to request a more flexible option that would just look in the subject line for ... #123 and assign it as a follow up to issue 123 (in a similar way to wiki and issue comment links).

This would allow me to reply to the client, appending something like (Issue #123) in the subject line and CC: to my redmine tracker. If he responded with further information, provided he hits reply-all (which most people do) Redmine will track the entire conversation all tagged to the original issue number.

This could almost be done now but requires that I use the subject line from the notification email, which may confuse my clients.

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Updated by Jan Ivar Beddari over 15 years ago

You could most likely fix this yourself by patching source:/trunk/app/models/mail_handler.rb at line 54.

You should try changing this regex to something that does not include the []-brackets. I don't remember the exact syntax so I'm not going to suggest how to change it, but read up on the ruby regex library and you should be able to construct something that will work :^)

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Updated by André Jonsson about 13 years ago

Why has not this simple (but ah so useful) feature been added?

Adding email conversations to an issue automatically is very useful, as I'm sure most people would agree too, so why not add it, when the benifit:cost-ratio is so high?

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Updated by Etienne Massip almost 13 years ago

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