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Improve E-Mail notification templates

Added by Jim Jones almost 14 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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The current format for E-Mail notifications is very raw and hard to parse.

I like the format that MantisBT uses for its notifications, so I tried to adapt it for redmine.
Here is the result:

Subject: [CoreDev !#829]: Segmentation Fault on button click

The following issue has been has been UPDATED by John Wayne:

[CoreDev !#829]: Segmentation Fault on button click
Created By :              Bob Hope
Assigned To:              John Wayne
Project:                  CoreDev
Issue ID:                 217
Category:                 Bug
Status:                   Assigned
Priority:                 Urgent
Target version:           1.7
Progress:                 [###.......] 30%
Date Submitted:           2008-02-14 01:24 CET
Last Modified:            2008-03-21 17:22 CET
Ticket Subject and Description:

Segmentation fault on button click

When I press any button in the UI the application crashes
with SIGSEGV. This happens in the Windows, Linux and Atari build.

Relationships       ID      Summary
related to          164     User reports random crashes when he doe...
related to          199     Boss says our application sucks, when t...

 Jack Ass - 2008-02-17 17:23
 * Description UPDATED
 * Priority Changed from Irrelevant to Normal

Yes, I could reproduce this in the atari build.

 Barbie Ken - 2008-02-17 19:23
 * Priority Changed from Normal to Urgent

This sucks, can we have a fix?
Urgent, all customers have terminated their contracts

 Frank CEO - 2008-02-17 20:50
 * Assigned to John Wayne

You're all fired. Except John, you go fix it.
Then you'll be fired, too.

 John Wayne - 2008-02-21 17:22
 * Progress updated: 20% -> 30%

Working on it.

To someone who has never used MantisBT this may, at a glance, look like information overload.
Let me point out the advantages:

  1. The format is well-structured. Everything is always in the same place. This is easier on the eyes than the "random" layout that redmine uses currently.
  2. Each E-Mail contains the complete change-history of the ticket. There is no need to open a webbrowser to inspect a changed ticket. The E-Mail is nearly equivalent to the browser view.

I propose to make this (or something similar) the new default template format for redmine.
What do you guys think?

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#1 Updated by Ali Nebi almost 13 years ago

Hi, i will be really happy if notification template is formated better. I vode for that.
Jim, can you post a patch for this or tell me what changes you have done to get this format of notification template?
Thanks in advanced!

#2 Updated by Terence Mill about 12 years ago

A configurable template as admin setting ,where wildcards/ticket variables could be used to format the template would be a solution which solves the problem and furture requetsts for this topic.

#3 Updated by Terence Mill about 12 years ago

This is realated to Issue #6221

#4 Updated by Sebastian Thomae over 11 years ago


Can you please post a patch?

#5 Updated by Terence Mill over 11 years ago

That is what we would need also, but can u provide a documentation and patch howto make this work?

#6 Updated by Daniel Felix almost 10 years ago

Well, i like the current format of those report mails. it is short and give the latest informations direct on top of the correspondig mail.

As another suggestion:
Maybe add the possibility to customize those email-reports on a easy way by adding some configuration file like the application.css.
This way, every person could define it own mailformating?

#7 Updated by Sergey Startsev over 8 years ago


#8 Updated by Pablo Giudice over 7 years ago

+1 We are looking for something similar to this. We just want to be able to know who will be notified when an email is replied.

#9 Updated by [ Desperados ] almost 6 years ago


#10 Updated by Taine Woo over 3 years ago

I think it would be good if there is some options to enable/disable each parts of issues, including fields, descriptions and also full journal history, to be or not to be shown in notification email.
for me, i would like to include two parts in the notification email:
1. the modified parts, it's implemented in current redmine 4.
2. the detail info of this issue, and also full notes history of it (all info displayed on the website). first half of this point is implemented in current redmine 4, but later half, the full notes history, is not displayed in the mail in current redmine 4.

So i this Jim's suggestion is good, but better if there is option for admin to choose. and also option for each field to be set, for display in notification mail or not.

#11 Updated by Taine Woo over 3 years ago


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