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07:51 Redmine Feature #7907: Display Issues in a hierarchy (tree)
+1 Sergey Startsev


12:08 Redmine Plugins: RE: Visual Studio Plugin
Not working with VS Community 2015 Sergey Startsev


09:48 Redmine Feature #23386 (New): Add an ability to edit the link type for a linked issues
use case:
# user creates a link of type issue A blocks issue B
# after some time he understands, that A don't hardl...
Sergey Startsev
09:33 Redmine Feature #23385 (New): Allow sharing a version to a particular project
use case:
I have a complex projects hierarchy for the company (many diversified activity lines, many groups of pro...
Sergey Startsev


09:50 Redmine Feature #23116 (New): Add attribute "active" for issue status to save issues history and hide status from main interfaces when the statuses became unneed
at this time we delete status - thus it's mentions in interface transforms to status_id's Sergey Startsev


09:05 Redmine Feature #1565: Custom query on My page
+1 Sergey Startsev


13:23 Redmine Feature #3870: Add "spoiler" or "cut" element to wiki markup
I suggest to close the ticket in cause of macro existence Sergey Startsev
13:22 Redmine Feature #3870: Add "spoiler" or "cut" element to wiki markup
Michael Zakharenko wrote:
> may be collapse macro helps ?
Sergey Startsev


13:59 Redmine Defect #21023 (Closed): Data inconsistency when inserting time entry after editing activities list (no check for enumerator present in database)
open 2 browser windows (user and admin actions emulation):
window 1 (W1) - issue page
window 2 (W2) - enume...
Sergey Startsev


07:48 Redmine Feature #3082: Repository Search
Very-very useful feature!
Especially, when using as KB for finished projects.
Sergey Startsev

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