Defect #20871

CHROME, Using Scroll Wheel for Multi-select List Custom Fields is not User-Friendly

Added by James H about 7 years ago.

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Resolution: Affected version:3.0.3


General Background:

I have created several custom fields that are of the "List" type. I have enabled multiple selections for them and so when I use them in an issue, they look like a scroll-able box with a list of options.
The box does not behave in a user-friendly way when using Chrome. This applies to Chrome Browser only, Firefox and IE seems to be okay...

Problem Description:

The box itself shows 4 options at a time with a vertical scrollbar to the right. When there are a lot more than 4 available options, you are required to scroll through the list.
Currently, when you click on the scrollbar arrows (up or down) it scrolls through about 2 lines at a time. This is okay.
On the other hand, when you use the mousewheel to scroll through the list, it looks like it scrolls through about 6 lines at a time. This is NOT OKAY because it tends to completely skip through 2 of the options and I never see them until I click on the arrows to scroll.

On other browsers, the scrollwheel scrolls through 3 lines at a time (the normal default for mouse wheel) as expected, which is Okay.

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