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Patch for custom html meta description and keywords

Added by Matt Jones over 16 years ago. Updated almost 13 years ago.

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This patch allows you to edit the HTML meta tags for description and keywords from the Administration > Settings
page. By default it will use 'redMine' for description and 'issue,bug,tracker' for keywords. This patch also updates
all the language files to have the symbols for setting_meta_description and setting_meta_keywords. I only have translations
for English though.

I also added the items to the user documentation (for English only). Someone else will have to convert the xml
to documentation, because I can't get docbook to work.


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Actions #1

Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang over 16 years ago

No patch attached.
The checkbox was not checked :-)

Actions #2

Updated by Matt Jones over 16 years ago

Doh. I'm on a roll of messing up things right now. Someone
should fix it so you don't have to use that silly check box
to attach files.

Actions #3

Updated by Christoph Kappel almost 14 years ago

Nice idea, another thing that makes my own redmine not updateable anymore. ;)

Actions #4

Updated by Jean-Baptiste Barth over 13 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Closed

I guess it could easily be implemented in a plugin (you just have to override layout file), so I close this issue and encourage interested persons to try implementing such a plugin.

Actions #5

Updated by Andriy Lesyuk almost 13 years ago

I believe it should not be plugin! I believe Redmine should use more useful meta description (not sure about keywords)! For example:
  • For project page it should use short project description by default;
  • For news it should use several first sentences;
  • For Wiki it should use first sentences too;
  • etc.
Actions #6

Updated by Andriy Lesyuk almost 13 years ago

Well... Seems like I'm the interested person (needed META for Facebook Like plugin): :)
Anyway I still believe this should be in core!


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