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Added by Brian Rose over 7 years ago.

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I am having a hell of a time installing a plugin - specifically "Checklists" which is the top rated plugin. I am doing this to evaluate the plugin installation process, but I am having no luck.

First, some background.

I am not a ruby, or even a web developer. I write embedded code, and I would like to use Redmine to help manage my projects. I have some linux skills, but am a long way from being a guru.

I installed Redmine on an Ubuntu 16.04, Apache, and MySQL system using "sudo apt-get". For me, this was the easiest, most consistent way to resolve all dependencies and get a basic working system up and running. Trying to resolve all the discrepancies between the various installation instructions in the Guide drove me to madness. I finally found some installation instructions on the Ubuntu help pages that delivered a working system.

Now that it is installed, I cannot seem to get plugins working. I believe this is due to permissions. Since the system was installed with "sudo apt-get install ..." the files have root permissions. If I try to run the various commands indicated in the various plugin guides I usually get errors regarding permissions. (I am repeating my journey to madness trying to resolve all the unexplained differences) . If I try to run the commands with sudo, I get errors or warnings about running as root. In most cases I end up with a broken system. I have not figured out the magical incantation to install this plugin yet.

The feature request I have is to have an Administration page where you could upload the zip file, and it would install the plug-in to the appropriate directory, backup the appropriate files (as needed), run the appropriate commands with the appropriate credentials, and deliver a working system at the end.

I think this would help make this system a lot more usable to non-ruby developers.

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