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Change Japanese translation for setting_text_formatting and setting_cache_formatted_text

Added by Go MAEDA over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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I propose Japanese translation change.


  • current: "テキストの書式"
  • new: "テキスト書式"

Current translation is "テキストの書式". It is made by connecting two nouns "テキスト" (text) and "書式" (formatting) with a particle "の". With the particle "の", the word "テキスト" modifies "書式". As a result, it means "formatting of text". "テキストの書式" is essentially two nouns, "テキスト" and "書式". And the word "書式" is most emphasized.

The proposed new translation "テキスト書式" is also made by two nouns, but there is no particle "の". In this translation, the connection between "テキスト" and "書式" becomes stronger, so it becomes practically like one noun. No specific noun is emphasized.

"text formatting" is compound and semantically a single noun. Therefore I think "テキスト書式" is more appropriate as the Japanese translation.


  • current: "書式化されたテキストをキャッシュする"
  • new: "テキスト書式の変換結果をキャッシュ"

The current translation "書式化されたテキストをキャッシュする" is a literal translation from English. But "書式化されたテキスト" is unfamiliar expression. So it is hard to understand the meaning of translation for many people.

The new translation means "Cache conversion result of text formatting". The meaning of the setting will be clarified. And by using the word "テキスト書式" (translation for setting_text_formatting), users can easily understand the relation with text formatting such as Textile and Markdown.

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Added by Toshi MARUYAMA over 5 years ago

Japanese translation of setting_text_formatting and setting_cache_formatted_text changed by Go MAEDA (#24750)


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Toshi, what do you think about the proposed changes?

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Committed, thanks.

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