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Hide projects user is only admin but not has assigned any role in the project overview (as it is already done in the project dropdown)

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Dear developers,

currently redmine lists all projects on the projects page if a user is admin of a redmine instance.

I think it might be more sensible to hide the projects the user is not a regular team member of.
We use Redmine in our organisation and have currenty 90 projects.
There are several admins assigned via the LDAP attribute and it works quite fine.

Though, if the number of projects increases, the project overview page renders quite useless because you will effectively be unable to find your projects.
Ok, the own projects are highlighted by a little yellow star. But I think it might be quite helpful to hide the projects I have administrative access to per default and show these on demand.

Maybe I can assist you on implementing this behaviour but I need a advise where to start from.
Organisations and companies with a large user base and an elaborated project structure might be very grateful.

Thank a lot in advance!

J. Stein

my_projects.png (90.6 KB) Marius BALTEANU, 2019-10-19 18:26

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You can filter now the projects list after "my projects":

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