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mark incomplete total sums as such

Added by Jens Krämer almost 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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This is a follow up to #26471.

Due to lack of permissions it may be that the totals (i.e. total spent hours) that can be shown as part of an issues list are actually not the real sum of the corresponding values of all issues in the result set (i.e. due to invisible time entries for a certain project in an issues list showing issues from multiple projects). We should somehow add a hint to these sums (footnote or something else) informing the user that this sum is (or possibly is) not the complete sum due to permissions / modules not being enabled).

Ideally this hint would only be shown if there is indeed a difference between the 'real' total, and the total shown.

Are there any other places where such a hint might be helpful?

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Updated by Holger Just almost 7 years ago

There are many areas today where displayed items are filtered, in fact, its everywhere. Issue are filtered in the roadmap, time entries are filtered in the reports, ... As for time entries, there is even a separate permission to allow user to only see their own time entries.

Mentioning that there are other objects which are hidden might result in an information leak if not done very carefully. Depending on the hidden entries and the way the hint is displayed, users might be able to deduct some information which are hidden right now. Since users can adjust the issue filters, they could e.g. deduct which issue has additional hidden time entries booked.

As such, about the only way to implement this securely would be to always add a generic hint that there might be other entries, regardless of whether there actually are other entries or not.


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