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Annoying login prompt when accessing content on

Added by Martin von Wittich over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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I often google for something redmine-related, e.g. "redmine plugins", and I then I follow one of the links, e.g. to .

Unfortunately, many times I get a login form instead of the requested page although the page in question could be easily served without me being logged in. My browser automatically fills the form fields with my login data so all I have to do is to click on "Login", but the login form then unfortunately redirects me to instead of the requested site which makes this issue very annoying.

I don't know what exactly is triggering this; I tried to reproduce it by manually removing my session cookie, but I was unable to manually reproduce this issue. Maybe the session has to expire on the server side to cause it?


#1 Updated by Martin von Wittich over 5 years ago

Just got the error again, so now I can add some details.

- I googled "redmine flow chart"
- I followed the link "How to use flow chart syntax? - Redmine" ( )
- This should resolve to
- served instead, with a red error message "Your session has expired. Please login again."
- I cannot use the back button in the browser to return to , so this doesn't look like a client-side redirect

I now deliberately checked "Stay logged in"; I'll report back if the issue reoccurs the next few days, or whether the checkbox helps.

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