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I've a lot of projects as freelancer - and each project has its own „crew” - some of the people (like me) are involved in more than one project. To set the user to the projects works fine - but - if i add a new project - it would be nice to have a „team”-select box.

So if i like to add my „standard-crew” to a new project, it wold be nice to select „team one” from the team-list and not each single person - so i've to add only one team - and not up to a dozend people …

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#1 Updated by Nanda P almost 14 years ago


I am looking for this feature as well. We have several teams with 4-5DEVs, 2QAs & 1DBA ect...

When we create a new (sub)Project, it will be very useful to select "team" or "group" which will add all the members to that project. which can be override manually if needed.

#2 Updated by Dipan Mehta over 9 years ago

This can be done using "Groups!" which Redmine now supports.

BTW: If you want that certain members be added by default when the project is created, you can use a plugin Advanced Membership Management

#3 Updated by Daniel Felix over 9 years ago

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Another way since Redmine 2.3 is the inheritance of project members.

For example create new jobs/projects as sub projects of one main project. Inherit all crew members and just add the corresponding customer as user to this project.
After that, you can add/remove users to the main project and they will be inherited to the children.

Should I hence this request as achived and close this issue?
Please give feedback until 1st April. Otherwise this is henceforth as archived and will be closed.

Best regards,

#4 Updated by Marco Tralles over 9 years ago

the group-feature is great and fits my needs. for my cases the ticket can be closed. thanks!

#5 Updated by Daniel Felix over 9 years ago

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Thanks for the fast feedback!

I'm closing this as requested.

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