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10:23 Redmine Defect #13903 (Closed): undefined method `jsonp_enabled?' for
i upgraded from redmine-2.2.1 to redmine-2.3.0 by folowing the "upgrade-instruction": Marco Tralles


14:19 Redmine Feature #2809: Team-Support
the group-feature is great and fits my needs. for my cases the ticket can be closed. thanks! Marco Tralles


08:36 Redmine Open discussion: RE: is there a way tu run redmine in Rails 3 ?
but how can i run rails3 in ruby 1.9 while rails2 will use ruby1.8 - rvm has (as far as i know) only the ability to s... Marco Tralles
08:18 Redmine Open discussion: is there a way tu run redmine in Rails 3 ?
i've to setup a new server and will use this as the rails3 development-environment. is there a way to run r...
Marco Tralles


16:01 Redmine Defect #5521 (Closed): script/about - Segmentation fault
... Marco Tralles


16:34 Redmine Feature #3413 (Closed): Exclude attachments from incoming emails based on file name
i use a digital signature in and if i reply to a issue-mail my answer will be added to the issue, but redmin... Marco Tralles


14:11 Redmine Help: recive email to create issues
... Marco Tralles


11:07 Redmine Feature #2809 (Closed): Team-Support
I've a lot of projects as freelancer - and each project has its own „crew” - some of the people (like me) are involve... Marco Tralles


15:59 Redmine Defect #2441: Upgrade rake migration fails: uninitialized constant ActiveSupport::Dependencies
i switched back to 0.7.3. because #2444 … Marco Tralles
13:25 Redmine Defect #2444 (Closed): manny internal server errors in 0.8.0 …
h1. add project
if i klick the *add-projects-button* (url: http://redmine.server.tld/projects/add ) i get a
Marco Tralles

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