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Redmine generates notification emails that fail DMARC and will therefore often be rejected or quarantined

Added by Jonathan Kamens 2 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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I am one of the email administrators for my employer, Quantopian Inc. In particular, I am one of the people responsible for ensuring that all the emails sent from our domain are compliant with DMARC so they won't be quarantined or rejected.

I recently filed an issue about Ruby at Immediately after doing so, I received several DMARC failure reports resulting from the notifications about my new issue that were emailed out. This is because Redmine put "From: " in the header of the notification emails.

That's really not OK in the age of DMARC. That's going to cause notification emails to be quarantined (i.e., put in the user's spam folder) or rejected, whenever the issue author's email domain has as quarantine or reject email policy and the notification recipient's mail server enforces DMARC.

Most of the big email providers nowadays publish and enforce DMARC policies.


#1 Updated by Jonathan Kamens 2 months ago

Interesting. In response to filing this issue, I received a notification from which did not put "From: " in its header. Instead, it had "From: ".

I don't know whether this is because the notifications I got DMARC failure reports about earlier were for a different kind of notification, or because the problem here isn't Redmine but rather something specific to, or maybe because is running an older version of Redmine and this issue is already fixed in the current version?

In short, maybe this is something I need to take up with the folks?

Can you shed any light? Thanks.

#2 Updated by Bernhard Rohloff 2 months ago

I think we can test this by a quick reply on your problem. If everything goes well you should have received an email right after I've clicked on OK. So you can check whether it's compliant or not.

#3 Updated by Jonathan Kamens 2 months ago

The email notification I got about your comment correctly comes from .

I guess that means that whatever the problem is, I need to take it up with the folks who maintain

#4 Updated by Go MAEDA 2 months ago

Jonathan Kamens wrote:

I guess that means that whatever the problem is, I need to take it up with the folks who maintain

I think so. They run the customized Redmine. The following line seems to set the author's e-mail address to the From field.

  def issue_add_with_ruby_lang_mailing_list_customization(*args)
    m = issue_add_without_ruby_lang_mailing_list_customization(*args)
    m.header[:from] = args[0].author.mail # args[0] == issue

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Jonathan Kamens wrote:

Reported at .

Thank you.

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