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Project identifiers must be lowercase

Added by Ted Wise over 17 years ago. Updated over 17 years ago.

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The newly added project identifiers are enforced to be only lowercase - I don't know whether this is intentional but
it's probably a bug.

Actions #1

Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang over 17 years ago

No it's not a bug.
In fact, this attribute will be used as the unix group name for
the project. Lower case letters are prefered for this.
Maybe I could change its label...

Actions #2

Updated by Ted Wise over 17 years ago

I figured it out after examining the last round of commits.
I assume you're going to allow redMine to setup and manage
the SVN repositories. A few comments:

  • Identifier can be easily confused with a project code
  • It's marked as required even though a project may not have
    an SVN repository or even have it controlled by redMine
  • Your manipulation scripts are written in Perl - you're
    adding an environment requirement by using Perl, you might
    want to consider writing those scripts in Ruby since you
    know your users will have that installed
Actions #3

Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang over 17 years ago

  • What name would you propose for this attribute (any idea is
    welcome) ?
  • I prefer to mark it as required since it may be used for other
    needs later (eg. nice urls like /projects/show/myproject or directory
    name for attached files...)
  • You're right. A ruby port should be provided in the near future.
    There are 3 reasons why these scripts were first written in perl:
    1. perl is not really a requirement (usually present on any
    2. svn repositories may not be hosted on a rubish machine
    3. perl is still a sysadmin best friend :-)
Actions #4

Updated by Ted Wise over 17 years ago

The name depends on what else you had in mind for the field
- if they're all svn related you might include that in the
name, e.g., svn-id, managed-repository-name, etc.

As for Perl, you're assuming everyone is running a Unix
variant - and unfortunately I'm stuck on Windows. I do
have Perl installed but most Windows installations won't.

If you're planning on having the scripts run via ssh on a
remote machine then none of this matters, it'll be pretty
much Unix specific anyway so Perl will work fine.


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