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Internal error for open issues

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Resolution:Duplicate Affected version:3.4.9



Have upgrade my redmine to 3.2.x to 3.4.9 !
Is work but have 4 plugins :

Easy Gantt plugin
Easy MindMup plugin
Easy WBS plugin
Redmine Issue Templates plugin

All plugins have been updated, but now have a Internal error for open issues :

Started GET "/projects/eurogiciel-euromine/issues/new" for at 2019-03-21 16:28:30 +0100
Processing by IssuesController#new as HTML
Parameters: {"project_id"=>"eurogiciel-euromine"}
Current user: liberodark (id=953)
Rendered plugins/redmine_issue_templates/app/views/issue_templates/_issue_select_form.html.erb (9.8ms)
Rendered issues/_attributes.html.erb (19.3ms)
Rendered issues/_form.html.erb (334.7ms)
Rendered issues/new.html.erb within layouts/base (388.6ms)
Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 711ms (ActiveRecord: 47.0ms)

ActionView::Template::Error (undefined method `accessor' for #<ActiveRecord::Type::Value:0x00000007b33538>):
15: <% end >
17: <
if @issue.safe_attribute? 'assigned_to_id' >
18: <p><
= :assigned_to_id, principals_options_for_select(@issue.assignable_users, @issue.assigned_to), :include_blank => true, :required => @issue.required_attribute?('assigned_to_id') ></p>
19: <
end >
21: <
if @issue.safe_attribute?('category_id') && @issue.project.issue_categories.any? %>
app/models/role.rb:229:in `permissions_all_trackers'
app/models/role.rb:238:in `permissions_all_trackers?'
app/models/role.rb:244:in `permissions_tracker?'
app/models/project.rb:559:in `block in assignable_users'
app/models/project.rb:559:in `assignable_users'
app/models/issue.rb:927:in `assignable_users'
app/views/issues/_attributes.html.erb:18:in `block in app_views_issues_attributes_html_erb___1455453579356630566_71506260'
app/helpers/application_helper.rb:1197:in `labelled_fields_for'
app/views/issues/_attributes.html.erb:1:in `_app_views_issues__attributes_html_erb___1455453579356630566_71506260'
app/views/issues/_form.html.erb:43:in `block in app_views_issues_form_html_erb___4113501746877595737_68520700'
app/helpers/application_helper.rb:1197:in `labelled_fields_for'
app/views/issues/_form.html.erb:1:in `_app_views_issues__form_html_erb___4113501746877595737_68520700'
app/views/issues/new.html.erb:11:in `block in app_views_issues_new_html_erb_730958019566903464_66669180'
app/helpers/application_helper.rb:1190:in `labelled_form_for'
app/views/issues/new.html.erb:5:in `_app_views_issues_new_html_erb__730958019566903464_66669180'
app/controllers/issues_controller.rb:119:in `block (2 levels) in new'
app/controllers/issues_controller.rb:118:in `new'
lib/redmine/sudo_mode.rb:63:in `sudo_mode'

You have any idea ?

Best Regards


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Don't multipost issues.

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Sorry but have try to remove the
Can you please you have possibility to remove this issue "31080"

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libero dark wrote:

Sorry but have try to remove the
Can you please you have possibility to remove this issue "31080"


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