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Copy issue and its subtasks

Added by Dmitry Makurin over 4 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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When copying an issue with subtasks rgt of root issue is wrong calculating.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create an issue (let's say issue0)
2. add some subtasks to issue0
3. create new issue from copying issue0 (on copy form mark "Copy subtasks")

Will be created:
  • copy of issue0
  • copy of issue0's subtasks

And issue0's copy creating with wrong rgt. Redmine then fails to find a tree structure and relate all subtasks to parent (root) issue.

Actions #1

Updated by Go MAEDA over 4 years ago

The lft and rgt value of copied issues look good to me. Could you explain more details?

sqlite> select id, subject, lft, rgt from issues where root_id = 21;
id          subject     lft         rgt
----------  ----------  ----------  ----------
21          issue0      1           6
22          subtask1    2           3
23          subtask2    4           5
Actions #2

Updated by Dmitry Makurin over 4 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Resolved

Yeah that looks fine. In our case copied root issue had rgt set to 2 (even thou it has multiple subtasks). Probably something is broken in our environment. I'll try to find out what caused that strange behavior.
Thank you for the reply, Go!

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Updated by Go MAEDA over 4 years ago

  • Status changed from Resolved to Closed

Actually, parent-child relations are sometimes broken. You can fix it by running the following command in the installation directory of Redmine.

bundle e rails r 'Issue.rebuild_tree!' RAILS_ENV=production
Actions #4

Updated by Markus Boremski over 4 years ago

Could you please give me a hint? We have the same Problem here.
Tried to rebuild the tree but do get

`connect': Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)

on a bitnami-based installation.

Actions #5

Updated by Markus Boremski over 2 years ago

We have this issue (again) on a redmine 4.2 installation.
Maybe this has to be opened and addressed to someone who can fiddle out the underlying reason.

We observed this while copying a task with multy-level subtasks:
  • Task A
    • Task A.a
      • Task A.a.1
      • Task A.a.2
    • Task A.b
      • Task A.b.1
      • Task A.b.2
If we copy this we get this:
  • Task B
  • Task B.a
    • Task B.a.1
    • Task B.a.2
  • Task B.b
    • Task B.b.1
    • Task B.b.2

Task B.a is having Task B as a parent, but is only showing this when in edit-mode.

We decided to delete Task B and replace it by a "handmade" Task C.
Now we see even more strange behaviour:
Task B.a is showing two parrent Tasks: Task A and Task C
edit: this was a mistake on my side. Task B.a.1 is showing Task B.a and Task C as parrents, what ist totally correct.

Doing a rails runner "Issue.rebuild_tree!" -e production did not solve the situation.
The database-Field root_id still has the id of Task A, what leads to this strange behaviour.


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