Feature #35796

Allow subject and priority issue attributes (i.e. tracker fields) to be disablable

Added by Mischa The Evil about 1 year ago.

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I see many use-cases where items which are tracked as Redmine issues lack a priority and/or a subject. They could e.g. lack both a priority and a subject altogether or lack a priority and substitute the subject attribute with a title or name attribute in the form of a custom field.

I think it would be great if Redmine could support such configurations without the need for users/admins to resort to (custom) workarounds. That way, the bare minimum of issue attributes would consist of only the status attribute (by disabling all the fields in the tracker config combined with setting the remaining fields to read-only in the workflow field permissions).

Use-case examples:
  • collection management (books/movies/CDs/DVDs/BDs/recipes, etc.)
  • (software) license management
  • inventory management
  • contact management
  • vacation-/presence management
  • appointment management
  • etc.

In the case that such entities are tracked as Redmine issues, an administrator can already modify/override the respective Redmine core translations easily via a plugin to globally rename 'issues' into a more general term like 'items'. This cannot be done with the same ease to e.g. rename the subject attribute to a title attribute as issues of other trackers (e.g. an old-school defect tracker) use the same attribute OOTB, hence the request to also make the subject attribute disablable.

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