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Configurable default trackers

Added by Lluís Vilanova almost 13 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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I think the administrator should be able to configure which modules and trackers are active by default when creating a project.

In my case, I have to deselect 9 modules every time I create a project.


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Duplicated: #1797

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#3 Updated by Robert Nelson about 12 years ago

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I'm not sure why this is closed.
You can now select default modules, but you cannot select default trackers, so any custom trackers you make with specialized workflows still appear on every single new project unless your project manager knows to remove them.

#4 Updated by Nick Nguyen almost 11 years ago

+1. We have some special trackers that only pertain to a few Projects. Would love the ability to set Tracker defaults so we don't have to deselect those special trackers for the majority of new projects.

Could be on the Tracker config page in administration with a Is Default checkbox.

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#6 Updated by Dariusz Kowalski over 10 years ago

This functionality is very important, especially when You have many diffrent projects at Redmine.

#7 Updated by Ken Orji over 10 years ago

would like this feature as well

#8 Updated by Terence Mill over 10 years ago


#9 Updated by Christopher Bebry over 10 years ago

+1, forgive me if I am ignorant here, but it sounds like a relatively easy feature to complete, being that defaults are set for other checkboxes.

#10 Updated by Julian S. Luipold over 9 years ago

+1, any chances, this will be implementet in near future?

#11 Updated by Sebastián Moreno about 9 years ago

+1, That would be great.

#12 Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang about 9 years ago

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This feature was added in 2.3.0 (#13175). You can now select default trackers for new projects in application settings.

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