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10:49 Redmine Defect #8157: Redmine do not send notification emails if a recipients email address is not valid
I have the same issue.
In our RM , we are connected do Ldap - there is many separated teams were people go in and go...
Dariusz Kowalski


17:45 Redmine Defect #18285 (New): Use Hidden custom fields at Spent Time Report and Details
I have added new Custom fields to Project and User.
They are not public information that I turn of Visibility of the...
Dariusz Kowalski


15:25 Redmine Feature #18249 (New): Move DEFAULT_MYPAGE to configuration file
I wanted to change elements of default +my page+ site.
I have done this by editing:...
Dariusz Kowalski


20:06 Redmine Patch #17552 (Closed): Bringing together of the translation of Members at Polish translation
Please change translation
field_inherit_members: Dziedziczenie członków
field_inherit_members: Dzied...
Dariusz Kowalski


22:26 Redmine Feature #14574: "I don't want to be notified of changes that I make myself" as Default for all User
+1 for me this is also very important Dariusz Kowalski
19:28 Redmine Help: RE: problem with overwrite methods
Thank You, it works. Dariusz Kowalski


22:48 Redmine Help: problem with overwrite methods
I am trying to write plugin which overwrite 2 methods of app/model/issue.rb
I do this like in file: http...
Dariusz Kowalski


07:47 Redmine Feature #16742: Creation multiple issues at once
Example is here at the beggining of Video.
Dariusz Kowalski


16:47 Redmine Feature #16742 (New): Creation multiple issues at once
It would be nice to have option to create at one many issues.
It could work in very simple way, just by entering sub...
Dariusz Kowalski


13:41 Redmine Defect #10243 (Closed): How to delete project in Redmine 1.3.1
I've install redmine 1.3.1 on Debian.
On the admin page of projects I have link do delete project, but it link to o...
Dariusz Kowalski

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