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Custom highlighting for certain user-role comments

Added by Aron Rotteveel over 14 years ago. Updated over 14 years ago.

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It would be handy to differentiate between member and contributor comments by giving them a slighly highlighted background.

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Updated by Felix Schäfer over 14 years ago

Mmh, we're using the gravatar feature for that. In 0.9 (and current trunk, for that matter), you'll have the choice to use one of the generation schemes from gravatar, have a look at step 5 on the URL generation page from gravatar.

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Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang over 14 years ago

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Updated by Aron Rotteveel over 14 years ago

I do love the gravatar feature; it's a great improvement.
I still think it would be a really nice addition to enable custom background-color highlighting for roles.

I can imagine this being an option in the roles & permissions screen, where you would be able to give each role an optional color to represent it.

Alternatively, I think it would be a great idea to at least highlight the assigned user's comments.

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Updated by Eric Davis over 14 years ago

How would it work if the user has multiple Roles?

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Updated by Aron Rotteveel over 14 years ago

Eric Davis wrote:

How would it work if the user has multiple Roles?

Good question; I had not thought about that one yet.

The most simple way would be to use the sort-order on the permissions; in most cases, sorting is done top-down (Manager --> lower roles) instead of the other way around, so in most cases, this would work fine. If this sort order is not being used, there is a small loophole in the system though.

Even so, the background color for a privilege should be optional, making any role that should stand out automatically visually distinctive from the others, no matter what the color.


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