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please pull in debian branch

Added by Jérémy Lal almost 13 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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Hi Eric,
i've forked redmine to github and added a debian (default) branch at :

The debian patches are in debian/patches :)

Using gbp-pq (in git-buildpackage) would be really useful :
git checkout debian
gbp-pq import
this creates a patch-queue/debian branch where patches are applied,
so it's easier to work and cherry-pick from this branch.

for gbp-pq usage, see :


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Jean-Philippe Lang:

Jérémy Lal has done a great job with getting Redmine packaged up for Debain. I'm ok with pulling the Debian files he needs to build the package but I wanted to run it by you first to see if you had any thoughts.

#2 Updated by Jérémy Lal almost 13 years ago

I just updated the debian branch to the latest debian package 0.9.2-3 (not published on debian yet).
One important note : now using quilt 3.0 source format, which means debian patches are already applied.

The patches are split in three categories :
- patches to ensure rails 2.2 compatibility, which will be dropped when rails 2.3 gets into debian
- patches to ensure debian policy : more or less fixing paths, those ones might be interesting for you
- one patch that should not be there (i added a rest api for getting account info, will remove it soon)


#3 Updated by Jérémy Lal almost 13 years ago

i forgot to say that the patches are described in
contains some informations about what they lead too.

#4 Updated by Jérémy Lal over 12 years ago

Hello again.
I simplified my github fork for an easier review of applied patches in debian,

Now redmine debian package is using rails 2.3.5, so the main purpose of the patches
is to allow configuration of various paths for a system install of redmine.


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