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I spoke with Eric Davis on IRC about this feature.

I have some code committed to a topic branch to give redmine a printer-friendly view of the issues index. Our main use-case for this is when we do contracts for our customers. We do all the documentation of the features they are requesting in redmine and then need a way to print out those issues, including the descriptions, in a single document that we can attach to our Work Statements (i.e. the contract the customer signs). This allows our customers and our developers to see the same project specs without having to copy the documentation from one place to another.

my topic branch: http://github.com/rsyring/redmine/tree/print-friendly-issues

A few things I would appreciate feedback on:

1) I am not sure that a 'print' format seems appropriate. The other formats are tied to a different mime-type, so I was thinking maybe I should put the link in a different location and use a route like ".../issues/print" instead of ".../issues.print". What I have works fine, but it seems like it might be semantically off.
2) Not sure about including the issue ID in the header. I know my company likes it that way, but it seems like that might be better as a setting or even as part of the configuration to the query. I was thinking I could add a select box for "Print-friendly ID" with values 'none', 'in heading', 'in fields'. But adding a setting to the main query UI just for the printer-friendly view seems a little off too.

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