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Reported issues: 65


22:37 Redmine Patch #19071: German translations
Here you are: attachment:"de.yml.patch"


23:21 Redmine Patch #19071: German translations
Correct spelling / grammar:...


17:44 Redmine Defect #19059 (Closed): Wrong number of issues for a version in the roadmap
Using a version for an open project that contains also archived subprojects cause problems with the shown number of i...


03:31 Redmine Patch #18392 (Closed): German translation: Self-registration
In Configuration -> Authentification you can configure "Self-registration". The german translation is not very clear ...


03:16 Redmine Patch #18357 (Closed): Improvement of column selection: allow to move multiple columns in selecti...
This patch improves the column selection on the 'Issues'-page. This patch allows to move multiple columns up and down...


16:10 Redmine Defect #18355 (New): Missing CSS class 'tabular'
There is an inconsequence usage of class 'tabular' on /my/account. One fieldset has no 'tabular' class....


14:37 Redmine Patch #9303: Uppercase SQL in Issue.by_subproject
I suggest to close this ticket because there is nothing to fix anymore.


01:57 Redmine Feature #18120 (New): Thumbnail link with better image name
The thumbnail hyperlinks created with "<notextile>{</notextile>{thumbnail(image.png)}}" have no human readable image ...
01:44 Redmine Defect #18119 (Closed): Thumbnail image path without HTTPS
Thumbnails created with "<notextile>{</notextile><notextile>{thumbnail(image.png)}}</notextile>" are always generated...


15:47 Redmine Defect #13642: PDF bookmark not displayed when contain a non-ascii character
Seems to be working with Redmine 2.6 as a result of Feature #17570. Let's change target version to 2.6.

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